Colour your tangrams, user tangrams, or mosaic designs using the colour chooser control

On the bottom left of the tangram screen is a new colour chooser control. By clicking on this control different colours can be selected. By changing the scale control the brightness of the colours can also be changed. Once you find a colour that you like you can change the colour of the tangram shape by clicking on one of the shape types. You can also change the colour of the background by clicking on the background. By using different coloured pieces in the user tangram mode interesting mosaic designs can be created such as shown beloram mosaic”>

colour chooser control user tangram mosaic

By first clicking on the colour chooser and releasing the mouse button on the tangram piece (equivalent to dragging a colour from the colour chooser to a piece) each tangram piece in play can be individually coloured. The image below shows an example of individually coloured pieces used in a pattern.

user tangram colourful mosaic

To remove the colour from a piece click on the piece and release the mouse button on the puzzle area background. Setting the colour of an individual piece overrides the colour setting for the piece type. To restore the colour for the piece type remove the individual colour. If the piece type colour is removed, the colour of the piece type defaults to grey.

User tangram puzzles can now be saved and viewed in the user home page area

The user home page is a place where you can view all your completed puzzles. The tangram puzzle now has the ability to create your own tangram puzzles using unlimited amounts of the 7 tangram building block pieces.

To do this just click on the user tangram button in the top right corner of the MegaTangram screen and start building your tangram design. To save your user tangram click the button again. The new puzzle will be added to the user home page and also shown in the completed puzzle area on the top of the puzzle screen.

Full screen mode

The MegaTangram puzzle has a full screen mode that can be started by clicking on the full screen button. Clicking again on the button goes back to normal webpage mode (in Firefox you may need to use the escape key, on Opera by right clicking it can be found as a menu option).

Full screen mode has been tested and is working well using Google Chrome, Firefox and Opera (12.1) web browsers, it is untested on safari but should work, to my knowledge fullscreen mode is not supported by internet explorer browsers.

Unfortunately for those with iPads and Android tablets, the fullscreen API is not supported on mobile browsers is not supported to my knowledge, however since the webpage resizes to suit the browser page width you can anyway get close to full screen size.

button for full screen

more information on full-screen support can be found here

Construct your own tangram picture using as many shapes as needed

By clicking on the user tangram button a tangram picture can be designed. As many shapes as needed can be dragged from the bottom of the screen into the puzzle area to use making a pattern or picture. Zoom in and out and move the canvas around to give yourself more space in which to build. User tangrams can be seen on the user home page as well as in the MegaTangram game

Ejectamenta puzzle games have been tested to be working on a 7 inch Android tablet using the Google Chrome mobile browser html5 puzzle games have been tested on a low specification Android tablet using the Google Chrome mobile browser and, although full screen mode is not currently supported with this browser, everything works fine (Opera mini browser however still has some problems with touch screen input). Since full screen mode is not possible, game play can sometimes be tricky (Tangram Odyessy), however the new zooming and panning functionality allows for the accurate placement of pieces.

Vocabulist: bookmarklet to help with learning languages

If you want to learn a language it is a good idea to start reading a book in your preferred foreign language, reaching for the dictionary for any unknown words. This way you will increase your grammar and vocabulary in a natural manner whilst getting the hand of colloquial expressions. However reaching for the dictionary and searching for words is time consuming and gets in the way of reading the text. The vocabulist bookmarket found on the Ejectamenta website lets you have instant translations merely by hovering over unknown words. This works for just about any website (except those using iframes, like ebay!). The software tool optionally speaks the translated words as well. Just drag the bookmarklet to your browser bookmarklet bar to get started, then click on the bookmark button to activate the tool, next find a book (for instance an online Spanish version of Don Quixote) and start reading in your new language.