Why Ejectamenta?

I am a UK national currently residing in Germany, I have for the past 15 years or so worked in scientific research and investigated for my PhD the characterisation of particulate coal using image analysis at Nottingham University and in the detection and classification of protein crystals for high throughput crystallography at the University of York and at my last place of employment at EMBL in Hamburg where I was also using image analysis to automatically center crystals on the protein crystallography beamlines.

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Why have I now created the ejectamenta.com website?

This website is to pursue some of the ideas that have been accumulating in my head over the last decades (hence the name Ejectamenta, and of course a tribute to Frank Zappa). The software consists of puzzles and games with educational content as well as tools to learn languages and other interesting ideas that I have time for thrown in as well.

Hope that you enjoy the website

Dave Watts

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