TouchHover Bookmarklet

Somehow Steve Jobs managed to convince everybody that we don’t need mice anymore and that we will all be touching screens. Anyway I disagree and think being able to hover and click is good. With hover you get extra information about objects, like text or visual changes without having to click. And also what about the right click, you can use it to save images, print, or open new tabs. I have seen some web design articles on the web and the advice is to redesign websites so that there is no dependence on mouse hover and click for visual information! It’s a step backwards in my opinion; and that is why I am doing this TouchHover bookmarklet, specially for tablet and phone lovers. By clicking on a button in the corner of the browser window you can toggle Touch-HoverOver or Touch-RightClick on or off. Lets hope it gives webbrowser companies inspiration to bring hover and click events to touchscreen devices!

Still in development – watch this space