Paste code and click Code2HTML

About the Code2HTML converter

The Code2HTML converter is an online tool to help you include html code in your webpages. It escapes html characters making them into a normal text string that can be displayed in a browser. For example all html tags have a left angled bracket <, this character is converted by the Code2HTML converter to its code equivalent (<').

If you include C/C++ style comments in your code (ie /* */ these will be rendered in green for easy readability. You can see examples of code output rendered into HTML on the ejectamenta website, for example it has been used on the responsive toolbar page, and with smarty/php code on the jscrambler obfusication page .

How to use the Code2HTML converter

Paste your html/php/smarty or other code containing html symbols in the textarea box, then click the Code2HTML button and the code is converted into html friendly text. If you want to have comments rendered in green, then wrap your comment text in the C/C++ /* */ characters (eg. /* this is a comment */). After the code has been converted you can copy and paste it directly into your html website page.