Peg Solitaire

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About Peg Solitaire

Peg solitaire is a board game involving a number of objects (commonly pegs or marbles) and holes formed when pegs are removed (In the beginning of the game the central peg has been removed). The object of the game is to remove all pegs except one peg that should remain in the center of the board. A peg is removed by jumping over a neighbouring peg into a vacant hole in which case the peg jumped over is removed from play creating an additional hole. There are a number of different solitaire board variants of which the English and French style boards are implemented here as an online HTML5 puzzle.

Peg solitaire is a difficult game to find a strategy for, however there are well known solutions to the game. The shortest solution to the English solitare game is made in 18 moves (including multiple jumps) of 31 jumps.

How to play the online peg solitaire game

In this online version of peg solitaire to move a peg you select it by clicking (its colour changes). Then to move the piece you select the hole where you want it to jump to also by clicking the hole. If the move is valid the peg is moved to the vacant hole and the middle peg removed. This puzzle is also available to play as an app on Facebook.

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