New bookmarklet for Twitter, get rid of the side panel.

Here is a link to my new Twitter bookmarklet:

Use it to get rid of the panel on the right in Twitter, the panel with all the mainstream news propaganda on it.

Drag it to your bookmarks bar and click it go get rid of the panel.

Enhance your twitter experience by deleting the bullshit!

twitter without side panel
twitter without side panel

Vocabulist bookmarklet working in android browser

Vocabulist bookmarklet working in the default Android web browser

To install bookmarklets on an android device the best way to do this is using the browser sync function. So add the Vocabulist bookmarklet to your web browser on the desktop (chrome/firefox recommended) in the normal way. Then, in the case of chrome, when you log on to google with your username all your bookmarks along with any bookmarklets are available (still not sure how to make the bookmark bar appear though). Since there is no mouse hover on tablets and smartphones you have to click on the word to get the popup. Here are some example images

vocabulist language choosing dialog on android Vocabulist bookmark translation popup on Android