RhythmSticks Drumming App

New app that simulates an online drumkit: includes different drum loudness/sound types (ie bell sounds, open hihat), quality drumkit sampling and recording rhythms as a musical score.

The RhythmSticks app is a simulation of a 5 piece drum kit using quality sampled drum sounds. The sounds have 6 zones of loudness which are increased by hitting the drum near the center (or at the edge for the cymbals). The hihat has partially and fully open sounds and a foot splash or tap, The 24 inch ride cymbal has additional bell sounds. Cymbals are hihat, 18 & 16 inch crashes, 18 & 24 inch rides, 6 inch splash and a 22 inch china.

Click the metronome and time is started now when you play the drums the score reflects the drums hit and the rhythm played is recorded. To play your recorded score click again on the metronome, you can even add extra beats as it is is being replayed.

The mouse may not be the best device to play the drums with and by entering the menu (top left button) the keyboard keys can be mapped to the drums

The WebAudio API used for this app is pretty new technology so you will need a recent browser for the app to work, on a tablet you will probably need a recent model and the latest browser (ie. chrome beta).

Also available on facebook

For more information on browser support see: Can I use Web Audio API

The RhythmSticks drumming app this is what the RhythmSticks drum app looks like