Colour your tangrams, user tangrams, or mosaic designs using the colour chooser control

On the bottom left of the tangram screen is a new colour chooser control. By clicking on this control different colours can be selected. By changing the scale control the brightness of the colours can also be changed. Once you find a colour that you like you can change the colour of the tangram shape by clicking on one of the shape types. You can also change the colour of the background by clicking on the background. By using different coloured pieces in the user tangram mode interesting mosaic designs can be created such as shown beloram mosaic”>

colour chooser control user tangram mosaic

By first clicking on the colour chooser and releasing the mouse button on the tangram piece (equivalent to dragging a colour from the colour chooser to a piece) each tangram piece in play can be individually coloured. The image below shows an example of individually coloured pieces used in a pattern.

user tangram colourful mosaic

To remove the colour from a piece click on the piece and release the mouse button on the puzzle area background. Setting the colour of an individual piece overrides the colour setting for the piece type. To restore the colour for the piece type remove the individual colour. If the piece type colour is removed, the colour of the piece type defaults to grey.

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