HTTPS security of site

Security of ejectamenta website using SSL and https

Now main user login, user home page and puzzle pages are secured by SSL/https system. Not all pages are using https however, so check when using the quick login fields by the menu bar if you want to be extra secure. Using https is needed for facebook apps so hopefully the puzzles will soon be available on Facebook as well.

SSL Certificate

How to migrate a wordpress website to a new server using softaculous

How to migrate a wordpress installation to a new server using softaculous

1) Perform website backup with softaculous, download file

2) Upload to /home/USERNAME/softaculous_backups directory on new server (check file dir permissions are not restrictive (eg chmod -> dir 755 file 644)

3) Find similarly named info file in /home/USERNAME/.softaculous/backups on old server, download file

4) Modify info file, change softpath to actual PATH used on new server, change softdbuser to DATABASEUSER on new server (you may have to create new user and associate with DB), update softdbpass with new DATABASEUSER’s PASSWORD

5) Upload the modified info file to /home/USERNAME/.softaculous/backups/ on new server

6) You should now be able to see backup file on new server in softaculous and successfully restore from backup

You probably have to change the wordpress config file to reflect the new usernames, paths etc.